Retinal Tear

  • Separated and damaged Retina due to Vitreous gel ‘pulling’ on the Retina surface 

  • Often preceded by ‘Flashes and Floaters’, but may cause a ‘dark curtain’ over your eyesight.  

  • A ‘game-changing’ condition leading to vision loss unless repaired with surgery.   

  • Retinal Tears may be treated with laser treatment to prevent it from becoming a full-on Retinal Detachment. 

  • If you are having ‘Flashes and Floaters’ or decreased vision, please contact Dallas Retina Center for an evaluation.    

  • Our goal is to maximize your vision and improve your quality of life. 

  • For more information on Retinal Detachments, please read Dr. Pandya’s EMedicineArticle on Retinal Detachments: